Lent Calendar: Our Gift to You

Once again, UMHEF would like to offer you the gift of a free Lent calendar this year.

Lent is an important time in the Christian calendar when we can prepare our hearts and spirits for Jesus. The forty days of Lent, not counting Sundays, lasts from Ash Wednesday (February 26, 2020) through Easter Saturday.

As Christians, we can dedicate the Lenten season to God and ask that our hearts and minds be prepared for the ministry God has entrusted to us. Whether God is calling you to a time of prayer, introspection, or servanthood, we at the UMHEF hope this free Lent calendar helps you center your heart and mind on God each day and become new in Christ this Lenten season.

Please feel free to print and/or reproduce this calendar as needed. You may not, however, alter the document. A limited number of extra copies are available to be mailed for use by your small group or church, while supplies last. Email us to inquire.

For additional Lent resources, visit ResourceUMC.org.