What If...

During such uncertain times, we continue to keep United Methodist students at the core of our mission. More than ever, our students are facing new financial challenges and are unsure what their academic future holds. As always, but especially at this time, in addition to your financial gifts we invite you to join us in remembering UMHEF scholars and students everywhere in your daily prayers.

This Spring, join us in dreaming about the amazing things God can do through United Methodist students.

What if he becomes the first in his family to graduate college?
What if she becomes a key leader in the church?
What if he leads a team to discover a medical breakthrough?
What if...

What if your support of United Methodist students today has a lasting impact on the lives, communities, and churches of tomorrow? It does, and with God the possibilities are endless.

Ways to Support United Methodist Students

Make a Donation

A gift of any size will provide continued support of United Methodist students through scholarships to United Methodist-related schools. GIVE TODAY.

Join the Aldersgate Society

Giving monthly as part of UMHEF's Aldersgate Society is the easiest way to ensure the next generation receives a United Methodist education.

Take Your Generosity to the Next Level

Setting up an endowment could not only honor your family or loved one's legacy, it can impact the lives of United Methodist students for generations to come. Learn more about this option by contacting Melissa Houck, UMHEF Development Officer.

UMHEF awards more than $2 million in scholarships to more than 1,000 UM students every year. You can trust that no matter how you choose to give to UMHEF today, your generosity will impact the lives of countless United Methodist students.

If you have questions, contact us by email or call 800-811-8110.