The Ripple Effect of Your Generosity


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Scholarship recipients aren’t the only ones who benefit when you give to the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation. Yes, scholarships ease financial burdens for students, but they impact many others.

Evan Smith, pastor of Bynum UMC in Pittsboro, NC and UMHEF Scholar attending Duke Divinity School says it well: “No doubt this experience has been beneficial to me and my family, but also to my current congregants and those with whom I will minister in the future. I would not have the opportunity to attend higher education without the support.”

Evan’s words remind us that gifts to UMHEF have a far-reaching effect, like ripples that grow and spread when something hits the surface of water. When you give to the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation…

  • The financial burden of quality education is lifted for approximately 1,000 students and their families each year.
  • UM-related schools get a boost to their enrollment numbers.
  • The relationship between the local church and student is strengthened.
  • 30% of UMHEF scholars, like Evan, receive scholarships to seminary and go on to serve the church in various roles.
  • Students have time to engage with and serve their communities.
  • Congregations, conference foundations, and schools work together for our UM Dollars for Scholars program, making it a great example of our connectional system!
  • Our scholars join a wide range of career fields, becoming teachers, doctors, engineers, business owners, pastors, and many others!
  • When you give through the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation, you change the world!

Give the gift of education today, and equip our students to become their best selves, serve others, and further the mission of the Church. Let’s make some ripples that spread around the globe!