3 Ways to Support Students During Quarantine & Beyond

Donations to UMHEF are always a welcomed way to support United Methodist students! Today, we'd like to share a few additional ways you can support college students during these strange times of quarantine.

Support Students by Reaching Out

Even in these days of social distancing, we still have access to text, call, and email those we care for. Reach out to a student you know with a message of encouragement and support. For students missing graduation ceremonies or other milestones, acknowledging these disappointments can go a long way in showing support. Get creative! Send videos or set-up group chats to congratulate completed degrees, dissertations, or other accomplishments.

How will you reach out to a student today?

Support Students by Being a Study Buddy

Are you quarantined with a college student engaged in online distance learning? While technology has allowed students to stay connected to professors and classmates, studying has become an increasingly solitary activity. Offer to help review a subject, quiz test questions, or read through a draft of a paper. Have a special skill set or area of expertise? Post an offer on social media to help students needing help in that area.

How can you become a study buddy for a quarantined student today?

Finally, Pray!

"I remember you in my prayers night and day." - 2 Timothy 1:3

No matter where we find ourselves during this time of quarantine and social distancing, we can pray! Whether the students in your life are under your roof or far away, remember them in your prayers. Pray specifically for their concerns, fears, and needs. Ask how you can pray, then follow up to see how things are going.

Who is a student you can remember in your prayers today?

During such uncertain times, the United Methodist Higher Education Foundation continues to keep United Methodist students at the core of our mission. Students are facing new financial challenges and many are unsure what their academic future holds. As always, your generous support through gifts makes a lasting differences for these students. But, we hope you'll find these additional tips helpful in finding other ways to support the young people you know and love.